Sunday, December 23, 2007

Anybody who thinks traveling for work is glamorous needs to try this...

Visit each of the cities pictured below within a six week period. Return home to change your clothes and freshen up your carry on between each city. For good measure, throw in a couple of repeat cities in the next 6 week block and add 3-4 new destinations.

I can almost guarantee that the glamour disappears about half way through week 2, so imagine how you would feel after a career of doing this! It's no wonder why I'm fixating on watermaker brochures these days!

For bonus marks, name the cities in the order which they appear...... but then if you do, you'll be fixating on watermaker brochures too!

Just because it isn't finished doesn't mean we can't enjoy.

The spring of 2007 was totally hectic. We had a ripped up boat, and as luck would have it, I became incredibly busy at work. So it was a miracle that we managed to get Threepenny Opera back together, but miracles do happen!!

There were a gazillion boat chores to be done, but getting away for a few weeks on the hook at various stops along the lake made it all worthwhile. Sure there were a few too many wire ties sticking out, but with a 12-15 week sailing season, who is going to sweat the details. Getting out is the first priority. As you can see we have pretty varied tastes in sailing destinations. It's incredible the amount of ground....bottom you can cover if you are motivated. From Camelot Island in the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River to our own back yard of Toronto Island, its all good!

The photo of Threepenny Opera on the hook was taken at a secret location, revealed to us by Margaret and Alan Gibson. We can give you a hint and tell you it's somewhere on the Bay of Quinte, but it'll cost you a beer if you want more!

From Chaos Comes Order... or is it the otherway around?

We are still waiting for the order to arrive! The main salon of a sailboat when it has been stripped down for renovation is kinda like a wet cat..... you know there's a boat in there somewhere, but it sure doesn't look like the brochures. Still we have to start somewhere, and with a little bit of skill, a lot of luck, and undying faith, something good will come of this.... we hope.