Thursday, August 14, 2008

Escape Velocity!!

David Frid came by the slip about a week ago and spoke about the concept of escape velocity as it relates to cruising. Apprently there are hundreds of crews out there who have all the latest and the greatest toys, but somehow never break free from the gravity of the dock! Pat and I were determined to not become one of those types that always had one last thing to do...tomorrow.

I am posting this from the guest wall at the Rochester Yacht Club, and I can finally let out the breath that I have been holding for the last 3 days. We are only 100 miles from home, but 100 miles qualifies as a true low earth orbit. As I try an concentrate over the roar of the dredging derrick in the Gennessee River, I am slowly awakening to the fact that I am in a foreign country and that we have truly left. Although there are a ton of boat things to do...maybe tomorrow, and I am still on the payroll until August 15, we have started and that is the main thing.

Thanks to all who came to say goodbye on the morning of departure, and a special thanks to Dino Marcuz who came down to the dock to snap these pics for the blog.

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